Hosted VoIP Solutions For Your Business


Thanks to cloud-based applications, the way we do business and interact with customers has significantly changed over the years.  Social media has also had a huge impact by providing a direct line for customers to organisations, for quick communication.  Nothing, however is more effective, or popular than actually speaking to someone, directly, to resolve an issue. This is where a hosted VoIP system comes in.

Research has shown that even when email, social media and live chat options are available, customers would often opt to use the telephone and speak to someone.

Where data from multiple phone conversations needs to be saved and analysed and passed to back-end business applications such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, a flexible VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is essential.

VoIP is a technological method of making phonecalls via the internet as opposed to traditional land lines.  Having an IP-enabled and feature-filled telephony system that is capable of being fully integrated into all key areas of the business such as sales and marketing, can provide businesses with a competitive advantage.

VoIP is especially effective where a business is growing and its telecommunication needs are changing and also where the business needs a flexible system to fit with a geographically spread flexible workforce.

Some key business benefits include:

  • Cost Savings – Small businesses that switch to VoIP can reduce the cost of local calls by up to 40% and international calls by up to 90%. Hosted platforms also eliminate the need to purchase expensive hardware that needs installation and maintenance – just a low per extension monthly cost.
  • Flexibility / Portability – You don’t have to be next to your desk phone to make calls on a cloud based phone system. Cloud phone systems allow you to work anywhere with a working Internet connection which is ideal for the mobile workforce. Geographic flexibility is also a great tool for connecting your offices under one phone system. If you have offices in multiple locations, a cloud based phone system can connect your entire company to the same phone service, and have it managed by a single administrator from any location.
  • Growth This type of service is flexible and can easily adapt to accommodate the growth of your business.
  • Low upkeep costs – You won’t have to pay for maintenance of the equipment, mechanical malfunctions, or additional IT hours to keep your system up and running. All of these issues are dealt with offsite by your service provider.

At V12 Tech, having researched the industry, we recommend

SIP Communicator™ the cloud hosted phone system

A multi award-winning cloud hosted phone system offering huge savings with simple set up and installation. Its scalable approach allows the system to grow with your business so you can add extensions and handsets whenever you need them.

  • Award winning hosted telephony solution
  • Low upfront costs and a simple per-user rental
  • Hands-off management – we focus on your phones and leave you time to focus on your business
  • Highly scalable – add extensions whenever and wherever you need them
  • Multiple sites link together over the one solution for free calls between offices
  • Number flexibility – keep existing numbers or add new numbers for any geographic location
  • Assured call quality using Spitfire Voice Approved Broadband or Converged Ethernet circuits

Spitfire VoIP details can be found here

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