Data Is Everywhere…Is Yours Secure?

Data Is Everywhere…Is Yours Secure?

As a business owner, do you have full control of your Office 365 data?

Do you have full access to all the items you need, at any time?

The obvious reaction is, “Of course I do,” or “Microsoft takes care of that.”

But if you really consider this, are you sure?

Microsoft provides a great service for their customers, however their primary focus is on managing your Office 365 infrastructure and maintaining up-time for your users.

They leave YOU with the responsibility backing up YOUR data.

Without a third-party backup solution in place, systems are left unprotected.  It is only a matter of time before disaster could strike and critical documents or emails are lost forever.

  • Disgruntled employee’s, CryptoLockers, viruses, Malware, and compromised accounts can all leave you vulnerable to data loss.

To keep data safe and be able to recover important emails, files and documents quickly, backup is the key.

Cloud Backup for Office 365

With back-up software solutions such as SkyKick, or Barracuda, lost data can be quickly found and restored right back where it was, with no overwrites. 

This means peace of mind and almost no interruption to your business when data is lost.   

Cloud Backup takes multiple snapshots at regular intervals throughout the day, ensuring that the backups keep up with your customers.

  • Granular backups of emails, contacts, tasks, calendar, notes, journals and public folders
  • Performs backups of SharePoint sites, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams and O365 Groups
  • Restores directly to the mailbox and maintains folder structure
  • Unlimited data capacity and storage retention, with up to six daily backups
  • Enables auto-discovery and cross mailbox search

Barracuda can also put a ‘security wrapper’ around your Office 365 account to provide protection against email-based attacks.

Here at V12 Tech, we support many organisations from small local businesses up to large corporations and tailor our solutions to your specific IT needs. 

Our team can look after your IT in a controlled and managed way, meaning you can focus on running your business and not worrying about technical headaches and security issues.

To talk to a member of the V12 Tech Team, just give us a call on 0330 445 0051 or email us on [email protected]